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Great Game

I fun game to play to kill some time. Easy to learn. Newest version makes it even better. Card images could be improved, it is a little hard to distinguish between some of the cards. Need a iPad version.

My dads game is really fun

I think its awsome and it's good for simple math facts. I used it for homework when I have to practice my math facts.

Super addictive and challenging.

Great card game in short spurts or long sitdown play sessions. One of my goto games while on the train to classes. Simple to learn yet complex enough to invoke replayablity.

Not easy, but addictive

It's hard to win, but it's fun to try! Check the card values before you place them to make sure you can remove them later if you don't run into a face card you can't place first! Recommend checking out the trial version first - but don't be surprised if you find you quickly run through your games.

Easy, Addictive and Super Fun!

This is a game for all ages, easy and yet addictive. I play for hours. Love the graphics and instructions.

Fun game

Easy to play. Good instrutions

excellent game

simple yet challenging game. good card sounds too. a perfect app.

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