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Picture Frame

4.4 ( 4624 ratings )
Juegos Cartas
Desarrollador Emerald Fox Software, LLC.
0.99 USD

Picture Frame is a great spin on card games that makes Solitaire seem so very, very unfulfilling. Its the perfect distraction!

The object of the game is to place all the face cards around the border of a 4 x 4 grid to form a picture frame of face cards. The Kings only go in the corners, Queens only on the top and bottom centers, and Jacks only on the left and right sides.

The game is played by placing cards into the grid until the 4 x 4 grid is filled. Then the player removes two cards at a time that add up to 11. (Aces are 1). The game continues until all the face cards have been placed around the border of the grid or a card cant be placed.

Lots of strategy is involved in placing the cards around so you dont fill up the face card slots to early.

The best thing to ever happen to a deck of cards!

- simple and intuitive touch interface
- vibrant colorful graphics
- built-in instructions
- progressive scoring
- preferences for toggling sound and help dialogs.
- auto saving

Come to the Emerald Fox Software web site for a version of Picture Frame for Mac OS X!!!